How Virtual Reality Tech Is Creating a Safer Tomorrow

Virtual reality technology is taking the world by storm. The diverse applications that the technology has created extend far and wide across many fields. Some of the numerous applications and benefits that virtual reality has created include the enhancement of safety through the elimination of the need for persons to be actively involved and exposed Read more »

5 VR Safety Concerns You Never Thought About

Virtual reality has taken the world by storm. And if you are looking to use VR (as opposed to say, augmented or mixed reality) for personal or business purposes, you might be tempted to jump right in and ride the trend for fun or profit. But before you do so, there are some things that Read more »

Business Meetings in Virtual Reality — It’s Happening!

If you run a business in today’s day and age, you need to look to the future. The technology online and in the digital world is changing rapidly, and businesses everywhere are fighting to get an edge by using it to leverage growth. Don’t let your competitors implement the next tech trend, VR, before you do. Read more »

Tech Trends Transforming 2018

Sometimes the walk down memory lane is a bit surreal, and especially so considering the speed of advancing technology. We have come so far with technology in such a short span of time. This century is full of innovations and technological achievements. Our lived experience is certainly made easier with devices such as smartphones, tablets, Read more »

Origin Development - Consumer of the Future Event

The Consumer of the Future Event

How will the consumer of the future engage with the brands they buy regularly? That was one of the main topics that we discussed earlier today at the Consumer of the Future Event hosted by EX3Labs at 1871 in Chicago. The event explored how consumer brands can engage directly with the consumer, by offering innovative solutions using Read more »

eXpoReality on Technori

On Tuesday, March 17th, Origin Development founder and president Matt Wren went on WGN Radio’s Technori podcast to talk about eXpoReality, the augmented reality mobile application for trade shows. Host Scott Kitun got to see a brief demonstration of the mobile application moments before the recording session began. During the interview, he stated that while he’d Read more »

Augmented Reality and WiFi for CEU Tracking Original Image By:

CEU Tracking with Augmented Reality and WiFi

A recent SmartSource Rentals article argues that using beacon technology to track Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for meeting attendees is superior to any manual method. Manual methods, such as an attendance sheet or a bar code scan, are cumbersome and prone to human error. While this article is correct that beacon systems can be more efficient Read more »

VR vs. AR vs. MR

Virtual vs. Mixed vs. Augmented Reality

There seems to be a lot confusion about reality lately. As we talk to our clients about use cases for the rapidly emerging technologies of Virtual Realty, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, it helps to start by defining the terms. There are a few different definitions depending where you look on the internet, so here are Read more »

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2016 and the Birth of Virtual Reality

There is no doubt: Virtual Reality (VR) has finally arrived. Although there has been a renewed interest in recent years, 2016 saw the birth of commercial VR with Oculus finally releasing its first consumer Rift model, CV1, and HTC/Valve directly competing with the HTC Vive. Later in 2016 we saw Sony jumping into the VR arena Read more »