5 Trade Show Essentials You Can’t Afford to Leave Behind

If you are attending a trade show soon, then you need to have the right gear and mindset in order to make it a success. A trade show can be a great way to engage your market, but you need to avoid common pitfalls that come with failing to bring the right tools. Here are five trade show items you should always have:

Bold Booth

Your booth is like your calling card. It needs to set you apart from the others. You should make sure your booth has bold colors and designs that stand out so people can notice you from across the floor. In addition, make sure that the booth is laid out in a way that it is easy to have conversations with people who walk up.

Branded Banners

Using branded banners is a great way to get extra advertising while running your trade show. According to BSQU Printing, if you’re headed to a trade show, outdoor event, hosting a company celebration, or want to advertise an important promotion, large-format printing is an excellent way to communicate your message. Include your company’s logo and a call to action. Use large lettering and make the call to action simple so it’s easy for people to sign up, talk to you, or visit your site. Branded banners bring some extra expenses to the table, but they pay for themselves quickly.


Software is the key to leveraging the technology that exists today in the digital world. And, event production software is the perfect complement to your trade show strategy. It allows you to manage employees, leads, specials, and metrics. You can track how many sales you generated, how many prospects you added to your CRM, and more.

Sign Up Sheet

Don’t forget to bring a sign-up sheet. This can be used for everything from entering people into sweepstakes for more engagement to collecting email addresses. In fact, you are more likely to get people’s contact info if your hook is engaging, so play it up. It can also be used to keep your employees on track and understand how many more people they need to talk with to reach your goals. For keeping track of goals it may be easy to use a pen and paper, but if you are collecting people’s information, it may be helpful to have a computer that you can use to make it easier on you.


The power of free samples cannot be understated. Customers love samples. Not only do they get something for free, but they also get to understand more about your product and how it works. If they love the sample, it could turn into a major order down the road.

When it comes to trade shows, they can be make or break events. If you play your cards right you can enjoy higher conversions from the trade show and really make a splash. So be sure to include the items above in your next show and you will set yourself for better results than ever before.