5 Ways to Personalize Your Mobile Tech with Your Brand

In a recent article, Forbes notes that a strong brand can “do wonders” for a business. This is usually done by creating a simple and easily recognizable logo. After designing your company’s logo, it’s time to start using it. Personalizing your company’s mobile technology with your logo is a low-cost way to advertise your company simply by getting seen. Here are 5 ideas for the best places where you can put that logo.

Device Stands

Considering the popularity of mobile phones, there are many accessories made for these devices. If you’re wanting to make mobile tech your own, consider branded mobile phone stands. These items are perfect for watching something on your phone without having to hold it the entire time. These devices are also small, allowing them to be placed on almost any type of mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Cases

Ordering customized mobile phone cases is a great way to create a strong brand. There are customized cases available for many types of modern phones. In addition, these cases help ensure that your phone remains safe at all times, especially if the phones in question are company property. Not sure what style of case to use? Here’s a fun quiz by Classy Case to get you started.

Customized Stickers

Not all types of mobile tech utilize cases. This can make it seem difficult to customize certain items including virtual reality headsets. However, stickers offer a simple branding solution for these types of items. You can order stickers featuring your brand in a multitude of sizes.

Stylish Laptop Bags

Another incredibly popular piece of mobile tech is the laptop. While stickers work well to brand laptops, there are other solutions to consider. You likely carry your laptop around with you almost anywhere you go. With that in mind, consider owning a branded laptop case. This ensures that people are able to see your brand wherever your laptop goes. Certain services like Bagmasters make designing a custom bag easy!

Power Packs

Almost every tech device needs to be charged in order to function properly. With that in mind, consider branding power packs. Power packs enable one or multiple tech devices to charge at once. These items are often on full display while mobile tech items are charging, making it an unexpected yet effective way for people to discover your brand.

It’s good to have a strong brand, without strong fulfillment you can’t succeed. Make your dreams reality by teaming up with Origin Development & IT today!