Event Technology

Event Technology Management

Managing the technology requirements of live events requires a unique skill set. Expertise in all of the the hardware and software is just the starting point. Event Technology specialists must be able to comprehend and fulfill the complex expectations of all the different user groups that make up live events, from client executives to production technicians to attendees. Most important, the technicians must be able to adapt to constantly changing requriements, and they must be able to do so within the limited timeframes and budgets that are the very nature of live events.

Origin Development technicians have been working in the event production industry for over a decade. We understand how to operate within event budget and timeline limitations and have the ability to adapt when the inevitable curveball gets thrown on-site. Proper planning and implementation are key, but flexibility and attention to detail are often what makes or breaks an event. We partner with service providers around the country, so whether your event is local to Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, New Orleans, Las Vegas, or anywhere else in the US, we can make sure your informatin technology needs are met.

Services we provide include:

  • Pre-event planning and budgeting
  • Computer hardware rental
  • Internet bandwidth acquisition
  • Network and VPN configuration
  • On-Site Implementation and Management
  • High density WiFi
  • Emergency Troubleshooting
  • Custom website and web application development