Website Development

Website Services

Origin Development provides professional web design and development services tailored to the specific needs of the organizations we serve. Whether you hire Origin to manage the entire project, or just provide one piece of the puzzle, we treat every project with the same professional standards, no matter how large or small. We will not try to up sell you on additional work or unnecessary features.

Origin Development sites are standards compliant, which means they will display properly across browsers and platforms. Your site will look the same on an iPhone, tablet, Chromebook or desktop computer. We build search engine optimization in during development, not as an after thought. Your search engine rank will be as good as possible from the day the site is launched, and we include Google Analytics in the site so you can monitor your search engine rankings and see what can be done to improve them.

Business Analysis

Origin Development consultants will meet with you to discuss the purpose of the site and determine its goals. This often overlooked step is the most critical in determining the success of the website. How well does it meet the business needs for which it was created? By defining and documenting the goals of the site, Origin Development will provide you with tools by which you can measure the success of the site.

Website Design

Are you building a website for the first time or do you need to refresh your old site’s look and feel? Origin Development will provide a professional design consistent with the branding of your organization, compliant with web standards, and optimized for the experience of your visitors. Content creation and graphic design are part of this phase as well, and are necessary aspects of a positive user experience.

Website Development

This is the techie step where creativity and technical expertise meet. Just as the website design must meet your visitors’ expectations, the code needs to be compliant so that browsers can understand what they should display. Origin Development takes designs and turns them into a functional websites quickly and efficiently. Our sites are compliant with code standards and optimized for compatibility across browsers and platforms, whether you want a responsive design or one that displays the same no matter what device is viewing it.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Web based and Mobile applications are a part of modern business. Applications offer functionality that extend websites beyond marketing tools and allow customers to interact with the business using the web or their mobile device. At Origin Development, we focus on the user experience. Customers will engage with your business using these systems, so it is essential that the experience leaves them wanting to come back over and over again.

Testing & Reporting

No site is complete without being verified. Testing is an ongoing process that must be repeated because the web changes over time. Standard tests include code compliance, download speed, link checks, and search engine optimization. Origin Development tests every site we develop to determine that the site meets expectations. We also test websites others developed and provide detailed reports, including a list of improvements that can be made either by Origin Development engineers or your own development staff.