Live Streaming Webcast

Live Webcast & Streaming Video

At Origin Development, we believe in offering expert delivery at an affordable cost. With all the different technologies involved in live streaming over the web, having IT experts manage your webcast technology is critical. We have worked with several leading AV companies, and we specialize in seamlessly integrating our services with your event production. Our solutions enable you to effortlessly stream your live event to your client’s employees, partners or the public. Webcasts can also be used to live stream sporting or entertainment events, seminars, corporate meetings, even weddings and religious services.

Effortless Integration

The Origin Development team will seamlessly integrate your event’s video production with the latest streaming technology. We offer a wide range of customized IT and back-end services to help drive the success of your client’s webcast. From sourcing and managing the internet connection to configuring and securing the content distribution. We will also develop custom embed pages or work with your client to embed the video stream onto their website. We are your one-stop solution.

Efficient Customized Service

Our services are completely tailor-made to your requirements. Whether it’s a single stream on a single page, or a serise of scheduled events, we will work with you and your client to provide a rich media experience that reflects the nature of the live event. In each case, the feeds from the video team will be transmitted live by our team to our content distribution network, and then streamed to your client website, or custom web pages we host for your viewers. Whether free to the public, completely private and secured, or behind a payment gateway such as subscription viewing or pay-per-view, we configure it all for you.

Video Production

We know our limitations, which is why we don’t claim to be experts at Video Production. That’s why we work with the best in the business. If your event requires more than just streaming service, or you don’t already have a video production team in place, we will put you in touch with our partners. They’ll make sure you have a professionally produced video ready to be streamed to your web audiences.