Augmented Reality for Events


eXpoReality is an augmented reality mobile application and web based software as a service that drives customer engagement at trade shows, conventions and live events. Event sponsors customize a treasure hunt based mobile game that draws attendees to specific locations within the venue, where they engage with exhibitors to find the location of a 3D virtual object to be captured.

The game is a mobile app version of the popular trade show sponsorship activity known as passport. eXpoReality provides a number of benefits over traditional paper and stamp based game. First, because it’s a mobile application, there are no paper passports to be printed or thrown away.  Second, the sales process is as simple as sending an email message, allowing exhibitors to self register. Third, sponsors and exhibitors can track the game activity, not only providing them with sales lead information, but also ultimately providing data to calculate ROI. Last but not least, it takes an old boring activity and uses cutting edge technology to make it fun and engage users. Find our more at