2112 Immersive Tech Summit

In April of 2017, Origin Development founder Matt Wren was asked to present on how augmented reality and virtual reality could be used in support of live events at the Immersive Tech Summit at 2112, Chicago’s entertainment industry incubator. While the majority of presentations focused only on audience experience, our presentation and its accompanying mobile app demonstrated the life cycle of a live event using virtual reality and augmented reality, and presented tools in VR and AR that could support all the phases of an event’s life cycle. This was the first use of Origin Development’s eXceed Reality mobile app framework, which is capable of delivering multiple different virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360° photo and video experiences within a single app.

The individual experiences in the app included:

  • 360° photography to assist in early site surveys
  • Virtual reality to showcase set designs
  • Room scale and interactive augmented reality to show set design in the context of the event space and demonstrate set construction steps
  • Interactive virtual reality to support the audience experience
  • 360° video for post event attendee engagement